Sixties Inspired Composition, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 102x122cm

NERAM, Armidale
Paintings by Kerry Gulliver, Sculpture by Francois Jaggi

The creative process can be likened to the conjuring up of images from deep within the subconscious, images and concepts that can then be reinterpreted, remodelled, and ultimately shaped into hard copy or solid matter.

Painting and sculpture have the ability to greatly enhance one other within a given space. The 2D can act as a colourful backdrop to the 3D, creating a whole new perspective than if each is viewed in isolation. This is not dissimilar to a stage production, with the sculptures playing the character roles, and the paintings creating a setting and mood.

We, as sculptor and painter, depict natural forms in a highly stylised manner, thus allowing for the power of suggestion, which is more potent than a literal interpretation. The intention is to stimulate the viewer into bringing something of themselves to the act of looking at art.


Colour, light and form are powerful entities within themselves, with their own language and individuality. They have the ability, even without us moulding them into something else, to evoke strong sensations, emotions and memories from deep within us.

We are pleased to be given this opportunity to show the two art forms together, sculpture and painting, at the New England Regional Art Museum in Armidale.

Kerry Gulliver