New England Picture Catalogue

New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale

From the catalogue – New England Picture    In What They Paint I See


“The way the falling light is cast like a veil – a cacophony of colour – on a patch of land and trees reminds me of Kerry Gulliver’s evocative images.

The influence of William Turner and indigenous art can be seen in the strong rounded shapes, like boulders, and the power of the light: hues of golden yellow, pinks for the dusk and pale purples. Repeating patterns remind one of patterns in nature, the veins of leaves, the octopus branches, the imprinted lines of a rake through soil, thousands of blades of grass. There is a feeling of fondness for the landscape in Kerry’s paintings. The paintings share with the viewer a subtle sense of spirituality and innocent gentle wonder. There is an ambiguous, yet challenging force in Kerry’s work, a paradox almost- the simplicity of purpose, composition and colour bound up with the complexity of layers of acrylic: layers of history and mystery.”

Amanda Cachia