Twilight, 2009, acrylic on paper, 60x85cm

Gallery 126, Armidale
For In Tune Magazine, Armidale

Some of my works are more figurative, as they have been triggered by specific scenes or locations; or I may base a work purely on a combination of colours that appeals to me, or the way light falls on the many forms/shapes in the landscape. I mostly prefer to work from memory and thumbnail sketches, as this allows for a more imaginative interpretation and it prevents me from getting bogged down in the detail.

I work mostly on canvas in acrylics but also paint on paper and board. I also use pumice, fine sand and marble dust to give texture and volume to the paint. Acrylic colour dries to a more vibrant finish on good quality paper than on canvas, and board provides a firmer base for the semi relief works (where I build the surface up with felt and plaster). I like the sculptural effects that this achieves. Though the semi-relief works may appear more abstract they still depict the landscape, but rather than a literal interpretation they are more about the patterns and cycles in nature and so have a more rhythmic feel to them. I want to develop this semi-relief work a bit further, and also experiment a bit with sculpture in the future.

Kerry Gulliver